After 30 years working in a family business I decided it was time to venture out and do what I feel is my dream. When accountability became a standard in the Fire Service I thought that there has to be a better way to track fireman. I talked with programmers but at the time technology was not there and was cost prohibitive. Now that ID card technology is widely available as well as ways to read them have become affordable I felt it was time to venture out. While working with Geoffrey Giordano on "Rover" by Spotted Dog Technologies I was able to envision a marriage between his product and Id technology. AAA Consulting was born with the thought that we would have the best products and the best service at the best price.

AAA Consulting was named for my 3 children, Ashley, Adam and Abbey. With the Support of my wife Karen I moved forward with my ideas. My morals of Honesty and Integrity have been a driving force in this new endeavor. I believe in the old ways of doing business:

  • "Fair prices and Great value with Superior service"
  • "A handshake is a Contract"

Rover by Spotted Dog

Rover by the Spotted Dog is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools you need to effectively manage first responder resources. Know whose coming and when they’ll get there.

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From plain PVC cards, Magnetic Stripe, NFC, ISO-Prox to full RFID embedded cards. All cards are printed in high quality color and laminated to protect them.

Your one stop for all your ID card needs.

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